Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Poor Lisa”

Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Poor Lisa”

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A very interesting portrait of Kiprensky. It is written on the story of the same name by Karamzin. There is also a clear connection with the life of the painter himself.

The artist was a real psychologist who created magnificent portraits of women. He was able to convey a female soul. All his heroines must be sad about something, dreaming. They love selflessly, but at the same time they are completely closed in themselves and never show their feelings.

Before us is the portrait that Kiprensky painted in 1827. Many saw that the artist here proved himself to be a great master here than Karamzin himself. The writer portrays the heroine sentimental. The artist feels romanticism. In the process of working on this canvas, Kiprensky recalled his beloved mother. Her whole life was broken, and her love warped.

Kiprensky saw those reasons that became detrimental to the girl. His mother became an innocent victim of the laws of serfdom.

We see a girl who is yearning and sad. She is young and pretty. In the eyes of her plea. She looks at the person with whom she is to part. In her hands she holds a red flower, symbolizing love.

Kiprensky simply could not portray a peasant woman in a different way. Her feelings do not matter to anyone. Her love just has no future. The culprit was the social inequality that prevails in the world. Kiprensky knew that when creating a famous literary image, he reproached society for this injustice.

With his canvas, he causes tears in the souls of those who sympathize with this beautiful girl. The audience enthusiastically accepted only the pictorial power of this portrait. But she remained indifferent to the idea of ​​inequality in society. Contemporaries simply chose not to notice this deep thought of the author.

Kiprensky acutely felt this misunderstanding and realized that he was lonely.

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