Description of the painting by Grigory Bobrovsky "Lake"

Description of the painting by Grigory Bobrovsky

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Bobrovsky’s style of writing is striking in its breadth. The colors are expressive. The artist pays maximum attention to lighting. In his paintings, a deliberate etude is felt. The composition is fragmented. The painter sought to convey a living perception of nature.

In the painting "Lake" we see a seemingly ordinary landscape. But the impression of a certain decorative effect. The sky is reflected in the water. This gives the work a certain symmetry.

Bobrovsky used shades of blue and green.

When you look at the picture, you involuntarily feel the brightness of the colors. They are somewhat unnatural. The boat with the fisherman, which we see on the right, is written quite schematically. The man is depicted from the back, as his personality matters only as part of the landscape. It is as if merged with nature and becomes an important part of it.

It may seem to an inexperienced viewer that this is not an independent picture, but a sketch for a large canvas. One gets the impression of fragmentation. The landscape seems to be torn out of the big picture. It seems to us that the composition is not completed. It is like a fragment. For the artist, something else was important. He sought to convey his feelings from what he saw. A cheerful perception simply overwhelms the picture. She is all flooded with light. Bright colors are really impressive.

The painter strove to ensure that the audience could feel that nature is alive. That is why his picture is filled with the sun. It seems that a little more, and you can feel the light breath of the breeze.

At the same time, not quite natural colors do not interfere with perception. Bobrovsky saw the landscape just like that. He tried to convey his perception of this corner of nature. At first glance, there is nothing remarkable here. But beauty is just hidden in the familiar. Only a true master can see her.

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