Description of the painting Rene Magritte “Empire of Light”

Description of the painting Rene Magritte “Empire of Light”

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The French artist Rene Magritte worked in the style of Impressionism - difficult enough to perceive the flow of fine art. In his works, he tried to combine the unconnected, thus expressing his inner world, his vision of events taking place in life.

Many of his paintings remained unwritten - they remained in the artist’s mind in the form of formulated concepts. In the world of Rene Magritte, nothing was impossible - the day could peacefully coexist with the night, as in his famous painting “Empire of the Light”.

At first glance, it depicts an ordinary, real such a piece of the city landscape. A simple two-story house with white walls stands on the shore of a small lake. Its small windows emit a warm light, evoking the idea of ​​home comfort and peace. The warm light of a lonely lantern in front of the entrance is like a beacon for a tired traveler who would very much like to stay for the night in this wonderful house. The house was surrounded by dark trees, which reliably covered it from storms and winds. Around is a quiet night.

But it is worth taking your eyes off the house and look above, and what do we see? A piercing blue daytime sky, through which fluffy clouds float! This combination of two incongruous phenomena - day and night - attracts the viewer's attention to this picture. Magritte believed that these nearby phenomena, combined in his picture, represent the magical power of poetry, which surprises and fascinates people.

And he was not mistaken - lovers of painting were so enchanted by his work that many wanted to have a copy of it in their collection. Magritte did not refuse anyone - about sixteen versions of the “Empire of Light”, written in oil and seven versions in gouache, are known.

These paintings are somewhat different from each other in composition, as customers had their own requirements for what the artist should do. Nevertheless, the very first “Empire of Light” is the best among them.

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