Description of the painting by William Turner “The Last Voyage of the Valiant Ship”

Description of the painting by William Turner “The Last Voyage of the Valiant Ship”

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Against the background of fiery clouds from the setting sun, we observe the movement of the battle veteran at Trafalgar - the "Valiant" warship. A small coal-black self-propelled ship tows a combat giant to the banks of the Thames, where it will be dismantled. This panel was first presented to the public at the Royal Academy back in 1839. The work of the English painter was instantly recognized as his best creation.

Turner himself treasured the painting, was so attached to it with his soul that he did not agree to sell it for any money.

The plot of the "Last Flight", most likely, was born in the imagination of the artist, and was not copied from nature. The lyrical and sad image of a dilapidated ship became a sign of the passing era of sailing ships and a wise reminder of the decay of earthly life.

It would seem that the picture is too simple to admire: a banal sunset on the river with boats. But it was written by a great artist who, by the age of 60, had creatively risen to the very top of her art. The air element occupies the upper half of the canvas, giving it a melancholic sound. Blinding in the last minutes of sunset, drizzling rain ... On the water element there is calm, a light breeze slightly touching the mirror surface.

And the "Brave" - ​​a huge, faded, smoothly, measuredly moving, succumbing to the tow of tow. He is like a ghost. A white flag is visible above: once the hero and winner of the Franco-Spanish squadron, the ship surrenders, bravely fulfilling the duty of combat.

A bright sunset enhances the effect of the last path of an old ship. In the plot, you can see an allegory and read the fate of a person who has lived a virtuous life, fulfilled his destiny and leaves with dignity.

The artist bequeathed the picture to his native nation, now it is exhibited in the gallery of London.

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