Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Self-portrait”

Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Self-portrait”

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Self-portraits are different, they are especially entertaining among cubists who seek to express themselves most fully, not paying attention to the external form, arbitrarily adjusting it to the content. Konchalovsky’s self-portrait doesn’t look like them - it’s quite simple and even ordinary in its own way.

No unnecessary corners, green noses and unimaginable bends. It’s just that the not-yet-old man with a mustache brush poses in his own workshop, looking at the viewer good-naturedly and a little in surprise, as if not understanding what another person is doing in his studio.

He is wearing a gray hat, a little crumpled, but worn very evenly, a bright yellow shirt, a jacket and pants that hold on suspenders. His glasses are round, and in general the image resembles the image of an absent-minded eccentric professor, beloved by students, and not an artist, whom many, many have looked up to.

One hand on the belt, in the second hand - an invariable attribute of the profession. On the hat is a black ribbon that does not look funeral, rather a tribute to fashion. You can see from the face how much the artist did not want to flatter himself, trying to convey himself as he was in the mirror. Slightly sagging folds at the lips, a wrinkle on the bridge of the nose, a neck resembling a turtle - all this is characteristic of a living person, not of a ceremonial portrait.

By placing himself in the world of painting, the artist tries to do it most fully, as if hoping to come to life there, among the bright, festive colors, landscapes and still lifes created by him, people who are dear to him.

It’s nice to look at the self-portrait - it leaves a feeling of meeting a good friend, a sense of peace and an active, good life that the artist lived.

Behind him, canvases - during his life Konchalovsky painted almost two thousand paintings - neatly set against the wall, a small plaster figurine of some thinker.

The artist, such as he remained in the picture, still has a lot to come.

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