Description of the painting by Philipp Malyavin "Whirlwind"

Description of the painting by Philipp Malyavin

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Malyavin creates an unusual picture. He depicts how ordinary women dance. It seems that the heroines of bylin miraculously came to life in his picture. Different elements are involved in this strange round dance. Robes fluttering. They are deliberately dissolved in the juicy brush strokes of the artist. It seems that these are flashes of fairy-tale fire, or icy streams of water. At times, they burn us with the breath of a mighty wind. Sometimes it suddenly seems like we see lush meadows.

The canvas is incredibly dynamic. The artist’s brush really moves very swiftly. This is fully consistent with the energetic dance that Malyavin portrayed. The master created his masterpieces with complex paints that dried for a long time. That is why such a painting resembles an unbridled volcano. The artist creates a grandiose mosaic effect, surprising with its splendor.

Colors float on top of each other, shapes lose clarity. This allows you to create the impression of power that erupts from somewhere inside. Creation becomes as expressive as possible. The artist works at the junction of two powerful trends. His canvas at the same time impresses with its impressionistic reading of the plot and expression in the Art Nouveau style.

Malyavin hoped that Russia would be reborn spiritually, but at the same time he seemed to feel a revelry.

The artist was able to portray the powerful energy of the people, his soul. The sound of this creation truly reaches its zenith. The artist declares to his contemporaries and to all of us that his temper is wild and unbridled.

Many critics were sure that this painting was connected with the mood of the coming revolution. Malyavin always sought to protect his creations from ideology.

The riot of colors and the magnificent embodiment of the national spirit impressed not only the contemporaries of the artist. The power of the artist’s skill is truly extraordinary.

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