Description of the painting by Ivan Argunov “Portrait of an unknown peasant woman in a Russian suit”

Description of the painting by Ivan Argunov “Portrait of an unknown peasant woman in a Russian suit”

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Argunov himself came from a peasant environment, because the main direction of his work can be called the desire to show the dignity and beauty of man, regardless of his class. He happened to write and know, and commoners. And everywhere he found God's spark in man, that trait that made him beautiful.

“Portrait of an Unknown Woman in Russian Costume” depicts a peasant woman in a traditional outfit. But if you don’t know about it, or don’t think about it, the girl in the picture seems more equal to noble ladies, she keeps such calm. She has a simple soft face. A slightly upturned nose, reddened cheeks, a slight smile plays on the lips, the eyebrows are even, thin, arched.

The hair was neatly trimmed under a gold-embroidered kokoshnik, earrings gleamed in the ears, large red beads poured on the neck. White clean shirt with a single scarlet bead, an embroidered sundress. She is dressed as if she’s going to get married today, or for festivities where the whole village will be.

At one time it was believed that the girl was an artist of a theater dressed in a theatrical costume. However, no costume is recreated so meticulously, and no artist will have such a calm and simple face. Rather, the sundress was taken out of the old grandmother's chest (maybe she got married in it), and the beads got from her great-grandmother.

Through the eyes of the girl from the portrait, the past looks at the viewer. Watch the game on Ivan Kupala, vows under sacred willows. Their owner could well go in round dances of the first and sing songs as viscous as honey. She could put a bowl of homemade milk, comb the hair of children, reap and sow. It seemed to embody the spirit of the old life, the time of the mossy and ancient.

And, of course, she is beautiful, and will not yield to a single noblewoman either in self-esteem or in the charm of a smile.

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