Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Apples"

Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

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Petrov-Vodkin rightly believed that the artist should be able to convey objects as accurately as possible. They are the original basis of any image.

The artist was sure that it was necessary to convey not credibility, but a certain essence. You should also hone the ability to understand the relationship of objects in space. That is why he was so fond of depicting still lifes. Petrov-Vodkin called them a sharp conversation between the master and nature.

All his work is really incredibly simple. He depicts absolutely everyday objects. But they are located on the canvas so that the viewer can see them from different angles. This allows them to become expressive and find a truly deep meaning.

We see five apples, which are designed in greenish red and reddish yellow tones. They lie on a bright red tablecloth. In the lower right corner are three fruits. One is located at the bottom left, and another is at the top left. Petrov-Vodkin is a true master. He creates all kinds of combinations of the angles of inclination of the plane depicted by him. Due to this, the left and right corners are completely balanced. The artist shows each apple as fully as possible. Before us is a real conversation between the artist and nature, about which he spoke.

The richness of colors is amazing. Petrov-Vodkin skillfully combines colors. Its apples are as natural and unusual as possible. The full impression of their volume is created. It seems even a moment, and you can try this wonderful fruit.

The viewer understands why the artist found inspiration in such simple, at first glance, paintings. It is they who can most clearly demonstrate real skill.

Only after the artist hones his skills, he will be able to create true masterpieces.

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