Description of the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky in Kiev

Description of the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky in Kiev

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The monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky in Kiev is a landmark of the history and culture of Ukraine. The idea of ​​creating a monument to the famous hetman was first put forward in the thirties of the last century by an outstanding historian, the first rector of the University of Kiev Mikhail Maksimovich. The place for the installation of the monument was not chosen by chance. It was in the square against St. Sophia Cathedral, after the victory near Pylava and Zborov that the glorious leader met the Kievites.

Work on the monument was entrusted to the famous sculptor Mikhail Mikeshin. The artist conceived a multi-figure composition, however, the plan could not be realized due to lack of funds. The monument has a considerable size. The height of the bronze equestrian statue is more than 10 meters. It is mounted on a high granite pedestal imitating an uncouth stone. The pedestal for the sculpture was designed by Kiev architect V. Nikolaev. The opening ceremony of the monument took place on July 11, 1888 on Sophia Square in honor of the anniversary of the baptism of Russia.

The commander is depicted on a horse with which he holds back with a strong and dexterous hand. He confidently holds in the saddle, his figure is poured with strength and confidence. The horse’s hetman holds the horse’s motive with his left hand, and a mace is squeezed in his right hand - a symbol of hetman’s power. The sculptor detailed and thoroughly depicted the clothes of Bogdan Khmelnitsky: Cossack zupan, retinue, harem pants. On the side of the Cossack commander, a saber gleams with bronze.

A look catches the face of the hetman - the sculptor made him so expressive. Mikhail Mikeshin, for a reliable presentation of the portrait of Khmelnitsky, consulted with the leading historian Vladimir Antonovich. Deep wrinkles cut the figure's high forehead. Even more severely, the elderly faces of the hetman make a long Cossack mustache. Viewers see the heavy thoughtfulness of the image, fatigue and anxiety in his eyes.

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