Description of the sculpture by Giovanni Bernini "Ecstasy of St. Theresa"

Description of the sculpture by Giovanni Bernini

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"Ecstasy of St. Theresa" - a sculptural group of L. Bernini, a famous sculptor of the Baroque period. The sculptor was inspired by the letters of a nun from Spain, Teresa, who was declared a saint by the Catholic Church.

In her letters, Teresa described the wonderful visions of angels and saints. In one of them, for example, an angel appeared to her with a wonderful golden arrow. Teresa wrote how she was filled with love for God, as well as a sensation of wonderful sweetness. These feelings formed the basis of the sculpture created by Bernini.

The sculptural group is made of white marble. The figures are located in the niche of the altar, among the columns made of colored marble. The columns and the figure itself are on the background of rays of bronze color. So the sculptor decided to portray the Divine light.

In this figure, Teresa is in a special state of spiritual bliss. From this she lies with her head thrown back. You can see how she is gripped by a languid feeling. A nearby angel pierces a golden arrow in her heart. Teresa is in heaven. Therefore, her hand is led by the hand of an Angel, and therefore she experiences a wondrous sense of peace, ecstasy.

To work with marble requires tremendous talent. And Bernini had it, judging by how he managed to convey such high feelings. Bernini seemed to have defeated the marble and made it soft and plastic, like wax. It seems that the sculptor did not carve this figure out of marble, but fashioned it. Thus he managed to combine sculpture and painting.

The marble surrounding the sculpture is not without reason chosen in color. By this, the sculptor showed the tremendous power and depth of feelings of St. Theresa.

For the full perception of the sculptural group, natural light is best suited. It is he who best conveys the entire depth of Lorenzo Bernini's creative intent.

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