Description of the Vera Mukhina monument “Worker and Collective Farm Girl”

Description of the Vera Mukhina monument “Worker and Collective Farm Girl”

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“Worker and Collective Farm Girl” is the personification of the Soviet period of history, its ideals and social orientation. The monument consists of two figures - girls and young men who hold symbols of proletarian power over their heads - a sickle and a hammer. The sculpture takes pride of place in the history of the monumental art of the country of the Soviets and is “native” to the inhabitants of the former USSR.

The famous architect Boris Iofan, drawing inspiration from the outstanding sculptures of Ancient Greece and Rome, developed the concept of creating such a monument, but with “Soviet” charm. In 1936, a competition was organized for the best statue design. Among the works of talented sculptors, a sketch of Vera Mukhina was highlighted, which embodied the idea of ​​a grandiose monument.

At first, a reduced model of the monument with a height of 1.6 m was created from gypsum. During the construction, this sample was planned to be increased by 15 times. The construction of the monument took place at the machine-building and metalworking plant with the involvement of a huge number of workers. For the first time, a new material was used for the monument - stainless steel.

Since the statue was bulky, patterns made of wood were constructed for each detail, which were used as a frame for steel sheets. To connect the elements of the statue, an innovation of that time was tried - electric welding technology. 3.5 months were spent on the creation of the monument and the cumbersome work fully paid off. Despite the difficulties of transporting the gigantic monument, in 1937 he was taken to Paris and worthily presented the monumental art of the Soviet Union.

When the sculpture was returned to its homeland, the question of placing the statue remained open for a long time. After the reconstruction, the monument “Worker and Collective Farm Girl” was installed on a pedestal of 11 meters and placed at the North entrance of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition - VDNH. The image of the monument was so well designed that soon the Soviet film studio Mosfilm began to use it as an emblem.

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