Description of the painting by Konstantin Bogaevsky “The Sun”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Bogaevsky “The Sun”

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The famous painting by Konstantin Bogaevsky "The Sun" reflects the theme of the earth on which sinners live, and the sky, which is capable of punishing atrocities. The artist depicted the scorching sun, which sends incineration rays to the earth, making it clear that life on sinful earth is not eternal. The images of the Russian landscape painter Bogaevsky are harsh, and the author’s thinking has planetary proportions.

In the landscape landscape "The Sun", painted in oil on canvas, Bogaevsky reflected the state of his soul after the 1905 revolution was defeated, and the bright hopes of Russian intellectuals were doomed.

In this picture, the artist turns to ordinary city buildings that are so close to man. The composition of the canvas is built on the image of the ancient Feodos quarters.

The unique landscape depicts a deserted street. People left the city, leaving their homes empty. Only a few thin trees called to the sky for help are called to the forefront of the picture.

Old lifeless houses are a little scary and disturbing, and the sky crushes its scale. The sun seemed to mesmerize the city streets. The contemplator of the picture has a feeling of loneliness and sadness. The tragedy of recent days and the artist’s attitude to what was happening are read in the image of the landscape. Bogaevsky, imbued with the mood of the era, depicts a city that depicted his fantastic imagination.

In his work “The Sun,” the pen master clearly changes the manner of writing. He devotes a special place to decorative graphics and the saturation of the picture. In his work, he also assigns a non-secondary role to the contours of buildings. The artist created all the lines that limit the size of buildings with contrasting shades, without using any transitions in the color scheme or any softening details.

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