Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “In the Alps in Spring”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “In the Alps in Spring”

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Levitan - a famous Russian artist, was born in a poor family, and spent the entire early period of his life restlessly, in constant anxiety about his daily bread. First, childhood, when everything was always lacking in a large family, then training - he was a full-fledged poor student, stereotyped, and graduated from college without a diploma at all - not because of academic achievement, but because there were no funds.

He traveled a lot, visited abroad, was a friend of Chekhov and lived an extremely eventful life. His painting “Above Eternal Peace” is called the most Russian of Russian paintings about Russia, and the artist himself is called a “landscape of mood”, because behind his every work a living, dreaming soul is deprived of peace.

"In the Alps in the Spring" - one of his landscapes, painted in his traditional manner of lightness and liveliness. High mountains seem harsh, propping up the peaks of the sky. At the top there are peaks shining with snow, with sparse bald spots of greenery, below - a green valley with lakes and a tiny village clinging to the side of the mountain.

Above all this - the sky, white as snow on the peaks, and only somewhere on the far slopes are visible drops of gold - the rays of the rising sun. This spring is alpine, when everything is covered with herbs, when the trees sprout leaves, when the rarefied cold air is filled with the smells of flowers and juices. It can be drunk like good wine, and the valley is like a cup full of them.

The whole picture is a mood, like all landscapes of Levitan. Hope for the future, the expectation of the best is like a frozen human soul, the mountains are full of snow, but spring is like love or happiness, and the snow is melting, exposing the shining greens.

The colors of the picture are very vibrant and vibrant - the contrast of white and shining green is striking.

At the same time, searching, you can find many shades of greenery - and dark, and light, and warm, and cold. Snow is running from the mountains. Spring.

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