Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Anna Maria"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The canvas was painted in 1924 with oil on cardboard.

On it, Salvador Dali portrayed his own sister, Anna Maria, sitting on a chair. This is not the only work of the artist dedicated to his younger sister.

In his life, Anna Maria appeared when the little boy Salvador was four years old. This event took place in Spain in 1908. From childhood, brother and sister became inseparable friends who spent all time together, knew all the secrets of each other and secret places in the parents' house. They grew side by side, walked together on the street, tear apart their knees, matured together, turn into beautiful young men and women. Brother and sister lived a common life.

When their mother died, Anna Maria took over the entire household and the care of her brother. In Spain, family values ​​and traditions are highly revered. Dali loved and respected his little sister. Matured Anna Maria has turned into a beautiful young girl. This could not have been unnoticed by her brother. The love of beauty and art created in the head of the great artist the plot of his paintings, where Anna Maria became a model. Dali of that time was a modest and calm young man.

Everything changed when a new branch called “Gala era” began in the guy’s life. In one summer of 1929, Dali changed his interests and essence. His sister was very worried about this because her talented and modest brother was no longer the one who loved her and spent all her time with her. She wrote about who he used to be, but these words caused rabies in El Salvador. Dali forgot who he was and did not want to remember.

To attract attention, he becomes a man - shocking. This forever separated the sister and brother. But it gave the world of art a unique artist who broke normal ideas about reality and created masterpieces that went down in history.

The painting is in a private collection.

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