Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Catania. Sicily"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Catania. Sicily

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The picture was created in 1894 with oil on wood.

The style in painting is realism. Genre - city landscape.

Vrubel has become for our country one of those whose creative heritage has become the cultural heritage of Russia. He masterfully and fully owned graphic materials.

His paintings were mentioned by the great Russian literary figures. But Vrubel occupied his worthy creative niche not only in the history of Russia, but also on a global level. Vrubel created a huge cycle of paintings on a demonic theme. But he himself was a man of quiet, short stature, with blond hair. There was nothing evil in his character and appearance.

The artist all his life strived for perfect mastery of the brush. Over the years, he found new tricks that were not known to anyone. The color of his paintings is amazing. He wrote not only stories related to our country, but also paintings with landscapes of other states. Italy and Italians had a special influence on him.

Picture “Catania. Sicily ”was created precisely under this influence. On it, the artist depicted boats in the bay. On the island of Sicily, near the volcano Etna, there is a large city of Catania. This resort, where for decades people could spend time on the beaches, travel to the sea by boat and ship. Vrubel depicted on his canvas boats that have lowered sails and are on vacation. But very soon they will hit the sea again.

The work was performed using a mixture of brown, white, gray shades. Vrubel did not use the usual blue color for the image of the sea and sky. This makes his work individual. But, despite the use of unusual shades, the picture looks quite realistic and deep, which once again proves the artist’s skill.

The canvas is in storage at the State Tretyakov Gallery.

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