Description of the painting by Ilya Ostroukhov “In the Abramtsevo Park”

Description of the painting by Ilya Ostroukhov “In the Abramtsevo Park”

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On the famous canvas "In Abramtsevo Park" the artist Ostroukhov depicted young forest thickets. Our view reveals a real idyll: the splendor of golden leaves, autumn trees resembling maples, leafy park paths, as well as ordinary benches made of wood - all the beauty of the autumn landscape.

Ilya Semenovich admired the beauty of the autumn forest, which he warmed with warm yellow-gold foliage. The "miraculous" beauty of the steam alley prompted the artist to write this painting. With the help of paints, the painter conveyed it quite discreetly, but very expressively and brightly.

In this work, the artist once again turned to his main theme - the beauty of the Russian landscape. After all, it was in this genre that Ostroukhov very skillfully and filigree depicted rich images of the nature of his native land. The master of the brush, like Levitan, painted landscapes that create a mood.

The pearl of art - the painting "Abramtsevo Park" - is dedicated both to the golden autumn, about which he wrote too much, and to the Abramtsevo estate-museum, which is located on a 50-hectare square, in which many eminent artists created their masterpieces. Many of them not only wrote paintings, but also collected household items from peasants in order to decorate the so-called Abramtsevo Museum in the estate.

Not left indifferent Abramtsevo and artist Ostroukhova. Before us is a corner of Abramtsevo Park in the golden overflow of autumn, the trees still breathe in flame, which the artist portrayed very beautifully. Leaves are slightly swirling in the wind, they cover the park paths with a crimson carpet. Between the trees you can still see the greenish grass, and the maples still burn their leaves on the blackening branches.

With the naked eye you can see how Ostroukhov admires their beauty, how he is in love with the autumn landscape. Clear sunlight penetrates through the crowns of trees, the whole park is warmed by it, and there is good weather around, in such a charming time of year.

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