Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Golden Fish”

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Golden Fish”

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Klimt is a well-known Austrian modernist artist who preferred the image of a female body, often naked and erotic, in his paintings. If a man was supposed to get into the picture, usually his face was unobtrusively hidden and hidden by the artist, while the woman always looked directly.

The subject of his paintings caused a lot of controversy in his contemporary society - naked flesh seemed immoral to many, critics denounced Klimt, not tirelessly tongues, but he always ignored their opinions and continued to write in his own style.

“Goldfish” was originally called “My Critics” and was intended to reflect the artist’s reaction to the stream of criticism that followed his large order. Critics accused him of violating morality - in response, Gustav Klimt painted a picture for them that trampled morality completely and frankly sending critics to places where the sun does not shine. In it, in the artist's view, the underwater world and the human world are combined. Gold plays water permeated by the sun. A big-eyed fish floats on its fish business.

Algae move, obeying the movement of the underwater currents, and among all this, organically fitting in, like mermaids or even fish, women swim. The two at the top of the picture are just the background, they are not too bright, one turned her back, the other grins, appearing only halfway.

The central image of the “Golden Fish” is a complete woman sitting in the foreground, highlighted both compositionally and with the help of bright colors. Her red hair flutters and sways like algae. She sits with her back to the viewer, turning around slyly - her expression expresses mockery and fun, something like the phrase "Well, have you eaten?"

The obvious eroticism of her image only adds to the mockery of piquancy, making her almost indecent.

After this picture, a new flurry of criticism followed, which Klimt ignored.

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