Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Landscape with a Lake”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Landscape with a Lake”

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Shishkin is a famous Russian artist, known to all at least the painting “Morning in a Pine Forest”, which is printed on a wrapper of sweets and often catches your eye as the most famous work of the master.

Many of his paintings are exhibited in museums, some next to the works of European artists. He preferred landscapes and images of animals on religious and mythological themes, so popular in his time, did not write. He loved Russian nature and dumped its glorification of a lot of strength. Even Shishkin died at the easel, during work - he died the same way he lived.

“Landscape with a Lake” is one of his typical works, realistic and bright, it is remembered instantly, you just have to look at it. It depicts a lake - in the middle of a tiny island on which bushes grow, the collapsed bridge turned into just a pile of wood and a couple of rickety piles. Grass and small white flowers grow on the shore, reeds are not overgrown, but there are also. Behind the hill, a village is visible - just the roofs of a few houses - beyond it is a forest, which appears as a dark wall, but does not seem threatening.

On the far side of the lake, taking a closer look, you can see people - maybe they are walking, enjoying a sunny day, maybe they are going to fish or swim. Everything is bathed in the rays of the sun - the picture is full of light. Trees and sky are reflected in the lake - tall, sonorous, almost devoid of clouds.

Everything is done in bright colors, using warm colors - the picture conveys a feeling of summer, freedom, warmth, the wind rustles in the treetops, human voices are heard from the village and smells of smoke. The landscape is lively, one wants to step into it, like a door painted on a wall - only sound thinking stops.

Above the sky, a white strip of clouds stretches across the sky - thin, tremulous, painted not with pure white, but with the addition of a heavenly color.

And it is beautiful, and adds painting.

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