Description of the painting Vasily Vereshchagin "Doors of Timur" (Tamerlane)

Description of the painting Vasily Vereshchagin

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Oil painting on canvas in 1873.

Vasily Vereshchagin is an artist who wrote a lot of paintings on the theme of the East, which won great popularity among artists.

His paintings help us return at that difficult time. Refined clothes, heavy and durable doors, weapons in the form of arrows and a bow make it possible to learn a little how people of the East lived hundreds of years ago.

Vereshchagin’s paintings always amazed not only ordinary people, but also famous artists, because he could write down details, mentality, and history of events like no other.

Tamerlan is a great conqueror, who in his actions was similar to Genghis Khan, but was distinguished from him by even greater bloodthirstiness, and a significant mind. Timur knew more than one language, he loved to communicate with the elders, he knew the Quran completely. His conquests were huge, he made the city of Samarkand his capital. As written in ancient books, he cursed those who would disturb his peace. On his tomb it was written that whoever opens it, a bloody war awaits him.

In 1941, the prophecy came true for our country. The day before the outbreak of World War II on June 21, the tomb was opened by our scientists. After the decision was made to seal the chambers of Tamerlane in 1942, a turning point came for our country. Russia began to win the battle and won the war.

These events greatly influenced Vereshchagin, he devoted his picture to this topic. And he succeeded in painting like no other. How skillfully he conveyed the decoration to the carvings of doors of past centuries, as if he drew clothes. By their volumes one can see how difficult it was to wear all this under the scorching sun of the East.

All colors by the artist are selected very accurately. After all, the eastern countries have always been distinguished by their color. The guards on the canvas seem to peer into these luxurious heavy doors, waiting for their great master. Centuries later, we can recall the events of those days, learn the history, and think about life.

The painting is in storage at the Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow.

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