Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Enlightened Pleasures"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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This canvas can rightfully be considered an example of miniaturism in the works of Salvador Dali. Several stories are developing here at once, and some of them are enclosed in peculiar boxes, and some on a common field. What did the artist want to show?

Just their childhood dreams, fears, their overcoming. Here we see at least two fight scenes. A couple - a man and a woman - fight with a whirlpool, and two hands fight, one of which with a bloody knife. It is not clear to whom they belong - the characters are hidden behind the lower edge of the picture, only the idea is clear: we must stop the killer.

Is it not his victim who became the hero of one of the paintings in the box, in which his eyes are closed and blood flows from his nose? Above the defeated head, a huge, detailed locust is shown.

In the right box there is a calmer story: cyclists compete, which of them will be able to ride longer, holding on their head a kind of cotton candy. There are so many of them that it seems as if they are about to crash into each other.

In the left box is aggression again, there the man is going to make another shot at an incomprehensible target that moves along the house. What is this block? Perhaps this is an invading alien creature.

Above, already without any box, right on the horizon line in the desert lies a similar block in which there is a hole with torn edges. Something resembling a baked apple is visible in this hole. A little to the right is a pair of people, obviously not dancing, but fighting.

Only sky and clouds seem real in this picture, the rest are revived fears and dreams. Even instead of the sun in the heavens - the head of an angry lion, nose to nose collided with a smiling face of a man. Nevertheless, a harmoniously built composition allows us to perceive the canvas as an integral artistic image.

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