Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan "Evening Shadows"

Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan

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There are several landscape painters who amaze with their skill. Among them, Levitan is a little isolated. This master from under the brush came out simply amazing landscapes of Central Russia. Some unprecedented beauty in the ordinary appears on his canvases. Here, it would seem, a simple hollow between the forest and the field and this border is observed either by a stream, or simply by a large puddle. No matter! The important thing is that all of this is familiar to us and you can even still somewhere notice almost similar terrain.

But look, how the artist great noted the very beginning of the sunset. In trees that are not very tall, large shadows suddenly appeared - the first harbingers of twilight. In the foreground it’s already completely gloomy, but the sun is still shining from the forest “corridors”. This is of course not for long. Soon everything will be dark and a little uncomfortable. But so far - light and shadow. The sky is in the clouds, the juicy greens on the trees - from sunset rays, it has become even darker. Here she is Russian silence and grace!

Levitan never competed with his colleagues. Rather, he collaborated with them, and sometimes he studied or taught something and advised himself. But colleagues were not simple. It is enough to recall the great painter Shishkin. This is another bright personality who created canvases with photographic accuracy and Russian nature came to life in his paintings. But Levitan was more friendly with Repin, they even sometimes posed for each other and as a result: Repin has a self portrait of Levitan, and the latter has a self portrait of Repin.

Together went on expeditions to work in kind. This friendship gave them a lot: new ideas, new knowledge, new sensations. And of course, new canvases with magnificent landscapes, which Russia is now proud of. By the way, the collector and philanthropist Tretyakov gladly bought up their canvases and exhibited the works of these authors in his gallery. They are still there.

The “evening shadows” of Levitan is an amazing and colorful confirmation of what is in the usual beautiful.

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