Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “The Bridge. Savvinskaya Sloboda »

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “The Bridge. Savvinskaya Sloboda »

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Levitan Isaac painted his famous painting The Bridge in 1884. Savvinskaya settlement. He once again proves that he is able to convey beauty in the most ordinary things. Composing life and natural beauty, the author comes out with wonderful lively works. The color scheme is in perfect harmony with the sensation and conveys a sunny day. The artist uses yellow shades, a little green, gray and blue.

It was especially skillful in conveying the natural reflectivity of water. On the bridge we see shadows made in purple hues. Under the wooden beams you can see green foliage, although everywhere it has already managed to turn a little yellow from the scorching sun. The paint on the wooden surface lay with special strokes and this is clearly visible when approaching. Due to this, the sketch acquires its own character and fascinates anyone who came to the canvas.

In the background is a plain village building, but it does not spoil the appearance. On the contrary, the picture acquires some perfection and simplicity. You can feel that the air in this area is pleasant and very soft. And the sun's rays seem to pass through the entire canvas and reach the viewer. It becomes clear that drawing a bridge. The Savvinskaya settlement author was serene and calm. We can say that he experienced a sense of happiness. This is visible on a sunny and warm day.

Of course, the bridge occupies the main place and key. Such inconspicuous, but at the same time very entertaining. The artist plays with light and tries to convey all the shadows and games of sunlight in paints. This is not an easy picture, it depicts lyrics and admiration for the usual way of life in the most ordinary village. No fictitious buildings, everything is painted as the author saw. The landscape takes pride of place in the Tretyakov Gallery.

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