Description of the painting by Rembrandt “Titus, son of Rembrandt”

Description of the painting by Rembrandt “Titus, son of Rembrandt”

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The painting was painted in oil on canvas in 1655.

Rembrandt became a great master of portraiture and historical genre. In addition to portraits of different people, the artist painted several paintings dedicated to his son in different years of his life.

Titus was the fourth child in the Rembrandt family, but the first three children died in infancy. A year after the birth of Titus, the wife of Rembrandt Saskia also died. What could not but affect the life of the artist. Therefore, one can see with what accuracy and love Rembrandt portrayed his beloved son.

He painted Titus as a boy and an adult guy. But his son managed to live only 27 years. Shortly after the death of Titus, his wife gave birth to a daughter, who was named after her father. For the artist - this is an irreparable loss. Portraits of his son are in various museums around the world.

On the canvas, Titus is depicted sitting at a table with sheets of paper. In his left hand he has a pencil case and an inkwell, in his right pen. The boy looks into the distance with thoughtful eyes. Titus, like his father, could paint beautifully. He often depicted landscapes. Perhaps, on the canvas, the boy talks in his dreams about the plot of the future picture, or he just wants to write something. Titus sits at a high desk, in the left corner you can see the signature of the artist.

Rembrandt chose calm colors for his painting. How masterfully the artist was able to convey the facial expressions of a pensive boy. Rembrandt emphasized the use of light flux on the face and hands of his son. Viewers can see the cute features of the boy, his big eyes. The manner of applying paints is quite free, this is especially evident in the foreground of the desk. The artist paints all portraits of his son in one color scheme.

Portraits of Rembrandt became a historical asset. The painting is in storage at the Boymans Van Beningen Museum. Amsterdam.

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