Description of John Constable's painting "Landscape"

Description of John Constable's painting

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The canopy was written in 1816.

John Constable is an English painter who showed the world the first among artists that beauty is in native landscapes. He did not look for a plurality of plots. The first work of the Constable did not cause admiration among his entourage, but after years of his work began to be received with great enthusiasm.

Oil painting on canvas. This is one of his early paintings. Despite his youth, the canvas shows a masterful performance. Only two colors, blue and gray, with their many shades, show the clouds in the sky as if moving.

It depicts Wyenhaw Park on a typical summer day. The ability to transmit an instant, the light-air environment is amazing. The picture is filled with calm, serenity. The constable was admired by his native expanses.

On the right side of the picture is a boat, in which two boys are depicted calling to themselves beautiful swans. Cows graze on a hill. The artist masterfully transferred their actions to the canvas.

The strength of the Constable is that he could perfectly group the characters engaged in their daily affairs. The quiet expanse of the river moves under the influence of a light breeze. The left side shows a simple bridge over the river. The picture has an abundance of greenery, but each tree has its own unique texture and color.

The foreground is filled with the cool shade of the trees under which Constable painted this landscape. In the background is a house that makes you fantasize about the people living there. The artist portrayed realistically the rustic look of his native places, in them he saw an endless source of beauty. The constable’s paintings depict what he saw before his eyes.

All works are realistic, the artist did not take into account the composition. Simplicity pacifies. Thanks to Constable’s landscapes, we can know exactly how people lived in the countryside in the early 19th century.

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