Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “The Last Rays of the Sun”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “The Last Rays of the Sun”

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Levitan is a romantic, singer of nature, her charms, her purity, her naturalness. It is known for many of its beautiful landscapes, reminiscent of the fact that the world around is not reduced to a simple “home-work”, but also embodies the beauty created not by human hands, but by something higher. Forests, fields, rural landscapes - all this takes on a new life under his brush, reveals differently than when an ordinary person looks at him.

"The Last Rays of the Sun" - from such paintings. At first glance, it seems lurid, a little dark, somehow oppressive. But it is worth a closer look - and it becomes clear that this is a very bright picture. Here is a village - sunset, small cramped houses, a low fence, a dirty unpaved road. In the autumn, it probably carries away from the dirt, it is covered with deep puddles, and it becomes impossible to pass through it, but in the picture it’s summer, dry dust and outgoing daytime heat.

The sun's rays flood the uncomplicated landscape and fill it with no meaning even - beauty and liveliness. The sky is filled with gold and delicate azure. The houses are painted orange and red. But it is clear that soon the night will roll into the village. Here it is - in the shadow that covers most of the picture, in the sensation of the approaching darkness. The night will bring coolness, windows will be lit in the houses with a warm yellow light. Dogs will lazily slander - sleepy, a little boring.

A day full of worries, falling over the horizon with the sun. Levitan was able to perfectly convey the precarious state of twilight, a time when it is not clear whether it is still day or night. There is an expectation of night darkness in the picture, but there is also a sun in it, which does not regret that one will have to go beyond the horizon.

After all, there will be a new day, and a new morning, but for now it caresses the quiet village with its last rays, undead and lulls it, trying to persuade it to go to sleep without fear.

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