Description of the painting “Isaac Brodsky” Church

Description of the painting “Isaac Brodsky” Church

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The picture was created by I.I. The painter preferred landscapes, in which he skillfully used the techniques and special motifs characteristic of the works of old masters.

If at an early stage he tried to bring some kind of fiction of the symbolist type to his creations, then in a later period he already adhered to reality.

The artist’s creativity remains a mystery to many. This is due to the fact that the early Brodsky and mature are completely different. In one person, as if two personalities live.

"Church" was written by young artists. She is all overflowing with extraordinary joy. All colors are incredibly sunny and cheerful.

One side. Before the viewer appears a completely ordinary small church. On the other hand, it creates a feeling of something unreal and unusually fantastic. Before us is like an illustration to some wonderful fairy tale. All colors are deliberately unnatural in their naturalness. The artist skillfully uses the play of light and shadow, highlighting important details and creating something special.

Brodsky was able to find something unusual in everyday life. Trees resemble magical plants in whose branches fabulous creatures live. At first glance, gloomy colors do not press on the viewer. An unusually cheerful church of bright yellow color, surrounded by lush greenery, gives the person the sound of the whole creation.

The artist paints especially carefully every detail that is incredibly important. Everything here is symbolic and filled with special meaning. Familiar to all contemporaries of the artist, and to current viewers, things look completely different.

The artist was able to find in simple things that everyone sees almost daily something that deserves to become the theme of a separate painting. Traditional images take on a special fantastic meaning.

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