Description of the art by Yefim Volkov “In the forest. In the spring "

Description of the art by Yefim Volkov “In the forest. In the spring

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Here it is, everything was breathing, healed, hesitated and finally woke up after long winter months of severe frost, a large cover of snow and constant inclement weather. Revived father forest! It begins to slowly gain its credibility. The first spring fogs had already arrived, and meltwater took refuge in large forest ditches. Spring birds appeared, messengers of spring.

The grass began to peek here and there. And the trees gradually began to gather their greens and a little more everything will become green and beautiful in summer.

In the meantime, spring reigned in the forest. In addition to the birds, bears must have woken up. It has probably become easier for wolves and foxes to hunt, it’s not so cold anymore, and it has become easier to find food. Now the birds will become expanse: after all, besides them, insects have woken up, which means there will be something to enjoy thrushes and woodpeckers.

Amazing this time is spring. And it is especially surprising in the forest. To believe that the forest is a living organism, it is enough just to go to the edge of the forest and freeze and listen. How much noise you can immediately hear from the forest: somewhere, a bear is pulling a bark, and somewhere, a fox is running along the paths and yapping, drawing attention to itself. And here the woodpecker knock on the tree is barely audible - the hard worker is already working, cleans the forest from parasites.

In addition to listening to the forest, you can just see it, you just need to look at your feet. Here is the husk from a cedar cone - this squirrel has apparently already had breakfast. But someone seemed to rummage through the ground and take away all last year's foliage - this boar was looking for something tasty. Oh, good in the forest! True, not all water has melted; it still stays on the surface after a flood. But this is a tolerable matter: the sun will soon take effect and all the water will evaporate.

Everything on this canvas is about this - about the spring forest, about the awakening of forest life. That hibernation has gone into oblivion.

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