Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Girls in the Field”

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Girls in the Field”

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And here Malevich is true to his tradition. Everything seemed to remain with his style, but still not quite. The same geometric shapes - they are only woven into the female image. But these images are equipped with magnificent colors. There is a place for red and black, green and yellow.

Yes, almost the entire rainbow spectrum has been observed, and no one will say that the same Malevich depicted this, until recently he depicted on the canvases only solid geometric figures in a certain color - black. But why did he suddenly decide to move away from his cubic style? Why all of a sudden? This can be easily explained: an artist in that style has less space and he, having left behind the use of all the same geometry, returned to the styles almost familiar to the average man.

It could be a landscape or even a portrait, but the artist did not draw faces. Using the uniqueness of the figures, he built human figures from them or constructed landscapes. Only at the same time I used the whole gamut of colors. This period of his work is considered the brightest and most expressive.

On this canvas, everything is schematically and proportionally true. If you look purely theoretically, the sky is blue, the earth is colorful. And the people themselves, since they came from the earth, should also be colorful, just do not mix with the colors of the earth. All shapes are drawn, all faces, all colors. And therefore, after some time, you begin to understand, or rather, imagine how the girls might look. Represent their faces, their real figures, their concerns. Once in the field, then peasant women. And since they are in the field, then the time has come to harvest.

You can imagine this colorful brightness as a harvest festival. Remember how solemnly and with honor they celebrated this day in the village. Perhaps this is why Malevich supplied this painting with paints in order to note that such a day was on the canvas.

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