Description of the painting by Oleg Popov “Pending”

Description of the painting by Oleg Popov “Pending”

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Once upon a time, artists painted without a brush - because there weren’t any brushes either. There were fingers, a sharp coal sandwiched in them, a piece of chalk, paint in which they could be dipped. So the caves were painted, and the first, still uncertain, pictures were given color.

Then, of course, humanity departed from this - a lot of tools appeared, because it was the tool that helps a person realize his creative potential, and it was the tool that made him a reasonable person. But, despite this, there are artists who return to the prehistoric writing technique and create a picture with the touch of their fingers, not trusting the inspiration of the brush.

"Waiting" is created that way. Everything in it indicates tension, a desire, finally, to meet someone who is so lacking. The clock froze five minutes to nine. Rose trembles in tense fingers. Look fumbles, looking, trying to find, finally, for the sake of whom a blue dress was put on and hair was laid. The pose is seeking, attentive, intense. The curtain shivers slightly. The air trembles with her, filled with anxious thirst, desire. The girl in the picture is waiting for her lover, and even if you look only at her face, this remains obvious. She is waiting.

Of course, the fact that the painting was painted with fingers made it somewhat more generalized than if it were painted with a brush. You can’t draw a really thin line with your finger; it’s difficult to put grace without using a tool. But the picture does not need this. She is beautiful in her deprivation of small details, in the way it is composed of a common, oiled, whole and single.

Turn away from the picture - and maybe the girl smiles, cries out joyfully? Or maybe she was no longer destined to wait.

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