Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “Mystery of the 20th century”

Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “Mystery of the 20th century”

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First of all, what is a mystery? This meeting is in a single series of events, and showing it at festivities. Mystery is a kind of theatrical performance. Then what does Glazunov have on the canvas? That's all. He created a super mystery on the canvas.

He mixed all the times and colors, connected several generations and at the same time did not hesitate in expressiveness. But the main thing is that he, as it were, told his life path and what surrounded this path: events, people, personalities. In any case, the artist made his double self-portrait - at a young age (on the left) and already at an advanced age - on the right. All that is in between is history. In the very center - above history - Christ. He, as it were, over all this, meekly looks down and raises his hand for baptism. Next to the still young Glazunov - the fall of the empire, Stolypin, Nikolai II, Rasputin. There is even the famous Black Square by Malevich. Einstein, Armstrong, Chaplin. Somewhere in the middle of the canvas, Lenin and Stalin lying in a bloody veil, and Hitler and Mussolini are standing very close.

We move further and get closer to our time. It all starts with Mao - the helmsman of China, and then Che Guevara, Castro, Kennedy, Mick Jagger. The Beatles are also noticeable, where without them. Here is Wang, Solzhenitsyn. Two symbols of superpowers: "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" and the Statue of Liberty. Behind them is the symbol of Mormon, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Closer to the older Glazunov are the general secretaries of the USSR: Brezhnev, Andropov and Gorbachev. Margaret Thatcher, Raisa Gorbacheva and even Marilyn Monroe are visible. Of course, there is a place on the canvas for Yeltsin and Clinton. It seems like all the people of the whole world. But there’s something else on the canvas ...

And “something” are symbols. They continually arise between the characters. For example, at the very beginning, next to the young Glazunov, lies the defeated coat of arms of the Romanovs - this is a symbol of the collapse of the Russian Empire. And then there is a hand with a gun, which seems to aim at us. Then the same hand, but already near the adult Glazunov shows a fig. It is also symbolic that Stalin is depicted in a bloody mess that fills the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

The mystery turned out to be curious and terrible, but in fact it is so. This is life.

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