Description of the painting Federico Del Campo "Venice"

Description of the painting Federico Del Campo

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Frederico Del Campo was born in XIX in the territory of South America, his homeland is Peru, it is there that he is best known as an artist of a diverse genre. However, Frederico Campo is known to Europeans as the author of wonderful landscapes about Venice, which the artist could only write when he was 30, falling into mercy with the local governor, who paid him a ticket for a ship to Europe, which at that time cost fabulous money.

The artist traveled almost all countries of the continent, but he only left a special impression on Venice, to which he devoted a whole collection of paintings, calling them “Views of Venice”.

In each of the paintings, the artist painstakingly conveys the images of the city on the water, capturing it as it was seen by its inhabitants and travelers at the end of the 19th century. Majestic buildings, narrow alleys, with such small balconies that people can easily reach their neighbor opposite, if they wish, barely stretching out their hands.

Beautiful medieval gondolas, long streets stretching along endless canals, lanterns, peaks of houses - all this attracts and captivates not only the eye of the artist, but also of an ordinary person.

The artist managed to capture not only landscapes, but also the last sailing ships, which are almost impossible to see these days. The masts of the sailboats are reflected in the waters of the canal, making the picture more realistic and at the same time fantasy, one wants to get there and stand behind the artist’s back, having seen with his own eyes the process of creating such a beautiful work.

Frederico's paintings radiate light, sparkle with vividness and something real, they better than any photograph convey the beauty of Venice, according to the artist of one of the best cities in the world. On each canvas there are many details that are not only not lost, but also sufficiently complement each other, thanks to the bottomless blue sky, the depth of which is literally amazing.

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