Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “A Road with Cypresses and a Star”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “A Road with Cypresses and a Star”

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Vincent Van Gogh painted the picture “Road with Cypresses and a Star” already in a madhouse in the vicinity of Saint-Rémy. This was the last year of his life, when periods of insanity interspersed with periods of enlightenment. Over the past year, Van Gogh has created one and a half hundred paintings and more than a hundred drawings.

The main paintings of the last year are landscapes and still lifes, in which nervous tension in combination with dynamism is especially noticeable. In the described picture, a long winding road leading past an old hotel with a faint light in the windows. In the center of the picture is a huge straight cypress, gloomy, as well as the artist’s state of mind during this period.

The upper part of the canvas is a magnificent panorama: a tall yellow reed created by long brush strokes, sharply defined trees and clouds. The refinement and filigree in the work remained with Van Gogh even during the period when he created 2-3 paintings and several drawings per week.

The psychologist can find in this picture a reflection of the artist’s fears. The road passes by the hotel and goes nowhere, the field and the sky compete in cold weather. Several people are visible on the road.

This work is interesting for astronomers. The artist depicted a new moon, a narrow sickle turned to cypress. That is what the moon looked like at the time of painting in mid-April 1890. On the left, the artist depicted two more objects - Mercury and Venus. It is interesting that he painted these two planets in a mirror form. However, the moon remained unturned.

This is not the only Van Gogh experiment with the sky turned upside down. One of the most famous paintings of this kind is Starry Night, in the center of which there is a star spiral resembling a mirror image of a galaxy. Today, it is unlikely to be able to understand what the inverted sky meant for the artist. Three months later he died.

Victor Borisov-musatov

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