Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov "Natasha on the garden bench"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov

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Mikhail Nesterov became famous for writing many paintings valuable to Russian culture, but the 1907 painting "Natasha on the Garden Bench" is special for the author. Already from the title of the work it becomes clear that the author experiences special sympathy and tender feelings for the girl. And indeed it is, because it is a portrait of Natalia Mikhailovna Nesterova, the artist’s daughter.

Natasha is depicted in the picture in a light blue summer dress that hangs a little on the girl because of her childish thinness, her left shoulder is slightly exposed, she sits on a garden bench in a calm, somewhere playful half-turn pose and reads a book , bowing his head and lowering his short curly hair.

Next to the girl are summer flowers, which she apparently collected, and then sat down to rest after a summer walk. She carefully interested her book and at the same time listens to the sounds of nature. Although the girl is very young, she feels a strong vitality, a storm of energy. The yellow flowers that lie on the bench near the girl testifies to her delicate tender nature and her childhood.

It is noticeable how Nesterov responsibly approached the portrait of his daughter, the impression is that the author was very afraid of something to spoil the picture or to incomplete it, the outlines of the girl were made very carefully. Natasha symbolizes youth, kindness and childhood innocence, and nature seems to reach for the girl, finding her most attractive color, people and nature spin in the endless dance of life.

Not for nothing, some poets wrote poems to convey verbal emotions from the picture they saw, because the work is a living source of inspiration and it is impossible to speak in simple words about the beautiful "Natasha on the Garden Bench", this should only be done in the language of love and poetry.

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