Description of the painting Georges Seurat “The White Dog”

Description of the painting Georges Seurat “The White Dog”

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Georges Cera may not have been as famous to the general public as representatives of impressionism, but he went down in the history of world culture as the founder of neo-impressionism, and he also invented his own technique of rendering flowers in paintings, which was called pointillism or divisionism. The main feature of pointillism is the spot application of paints of a special, uniform shape.

In his specific style, Sera performed the painting “White Dog” of 1885, the work was done on a tree in the style of post-impressionism. In the picture, the French artist-innovator depicted a sunny summer day in a park on the river bank, where people relax, they talk there, walk dogs, admire the horizon.

The story of the painting's writing is very curious, because it got its name because of the dog, which is visible in the upper left part of the canvas, paradoxically, that in the original version of the painting there was no dog, the artist added it later. The park itself and the perspective from which the picture was painted is very reminiscent of Sera's other, more well-known work Sunday on Grand Jatt Island, created a year earlier.

At exhibitions, the work of Sera was sometimes impossible to see because of the crowds of people who gathered near his paintings. The work "White Dog" is part of the great scientific achievement of the artist in the field of painting. The viewer is attracted by both the paintings themselves and the technique used by the author. To achieve such results, Sera studied the works of Chevrel, Rud, Blanc, devoted to color theory, he successfully used this knowledge in practice.

Despite the fact that Georges Cera lived only 32 years, he will forever remain in history as the founder of a new direction in painting, which certainly influenced the work of the next generation of artists.

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