Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan “Path in the deciduous forest. Ferns

Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan “Path in the deciduous forest. Ferns

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The heyday of Isaac Efimovich Levitan is 1890 - the period of recognition of the artist as a society of connoisseurs of pictorial art. The life path of the artist at that moment was filled with sadness and tragedy.

This is probably why we see a shade of dramatic images that are present in his masterpieces. Levitan focuses on the memory of the imperfect real world, his soul becomes restless, and pours all emotions on the canvas. The landscape painter performed many works, not without bright colors and joyful motifs. One of the works of Isaac Levitan is “Path in the deciduous forest. Ferns ”- the image of a dense forest, with a path thinned from grass.

Forest beauties have long fascinated Levitan, therefore, whenever possible, he tried as best as possible to perform realistic paintings depicting the forest. Deciduous forest is shown so dense that it seems impossible to find a way home. The artist reflected all the difficulties in a simple image of a green thicket.

Levitan enthusiastically draws with a brush a winding path that leads to an unprecedented distance. A set of green colors makes the forest impeccably real and vibrant. The viewer seemed to be alone with a quiet and calm nature. Here thoughts come that give pleasure not only to the artist, but also to other connoisseurs of picturesque landscapes.

Isaac Levitan - recognized by all artists who occupied a worthy place in society. The artist’s works carry a trusting and pleasant impression of exactly where a person is left alone with nature.

Most often, Levitan was spoken about by the “nature draftsman,” an author who is inseparable from the natural motives of the world around him. A complex color scheme is inherent in all his works, the quality of technology gives harmony to all creations created in the era of this time.

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