Description of the picture Arkady Plastov "Harvest"

Description of the picture Arkady Plastov

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Plast, in his paintings quite often refers specifically to the peasant motives of Russia, namely to one that will never return and has long sunk into oblivion. In the canvas called "Harvest" the master skillfully shows the moment when the whole family sat down to rest. At this time, they had already mowed all the wheat and laid the braids aside, the stacks and sheaves were ready and therefore in the distance you can see how the peasants had already started to take them away.

The whole family worked wonderfully well, starting from the youngest and ending with the oldest grandfather, so they all took spoons together and were preparing to dine. It is worth noting that the artist is very picky about the details and therefore depicts in the hands of one of the boys a jug, from which he apparently drinks milk, in such a jug, it does not heat up and holds optimal temperatures for a long time. All this action is humbly watched by a mongrel dog, in the hope that he will get something from the peasant "table".

Despite the fact that at that time everyone walked barefoot, the artist again paying attention to details, focuses on the old man’s shoes, as you can shatter your legs without any problems. Naturally, the old man remains in the brightest and most colorful way of the picture, he with a beard and thick combed hair, holds with one hand a loaf of bread, and in the other with a spoon from the tree, which he most likely draws from soup.

The whole outfit of the old man is very simple and consists of pants, and blue shirts. Children also do not differ in the variety of wardrobe, but this is not the center of the picture and its thought, most importantly, this is a huge field that spreads around them.

This picture provides its viewer with a joyful, pure and bright feeling of that long gone pore, against the background of the most beautiful boundless expanses of Russia. It was these emotions that the artist tried to translate into a picture, and he did it very well.

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