Description of the painting by Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov "Slag"

Description of the painting by Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov

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The life of Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov in the village of Pokrovskoye-Rayon, near nature, allowed, in particular, to consider the changes taking place in the appearance of the environment. The painting Rasputitsa shows the magnificence of the professionalism of the master, his emotions of tone and lighting. Feeling of spring and magnificent changes, the everyday rural view depicted in the work is filled.

Everything that existed earlier in the village turns out to be transformed by almost a sunny color. The predominance of dark turquoise paint, consistent with the unified landscape technique, the work of "Rasputitsa" suggests a free view of the road with already melted snow. Snow is visible everywhere: near the hut, birch forest and on the way to the house. The abundance of grayish colors gives the picture the authenticity of a warm, but still winter day. It does not seem difficult to study the edge of the forest, which is covered in a dense bluish veil of fog.

Delicate technique painted slender birches. The style of the artist is determined by the flowering of his work. All the images present in the picture are actively involved in building the space of the picture. The search for a pictorial medium helps in this work to see Savrasov's desire to recognize the living features of nature. For many, this mystery has remained outside the scope of scientific research. "Slag" - a unique work that allows you to visit the free void and beauty of nature.

The work of Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov is imbued with the purity of twilight. The landscape painter of the 50s distinctly expressed the accuracy of nightfall, and nature became in front of the viewer with all its invisible beauty. The Russian painter felt nature, as if he was completely connected with it. Landscape professionals evaluated the artist’s paintings as an integral phenomenon of nature and man.

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