Description of the painting by Vincent Willem Van Gogh “Church in Auvers”

Description of the painting by Vincent Willem Van Gogh “Church in Auvers”

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This painting is one of the artist’s latest creations, painted in oil on canvas. In 1890, Van Gogh settled in the vicinity of Paris, in the village of Auvers, in which he lived the last two months of his life. At this time, he created this work of art.

The main place in the landscape is occupied by the church building, drawn very clearly and believably. This can be judged by real photographs of this church. Van Gogh draws every window, every arrow and turret on the roof. He even depicts a lattice pattern on the windows of the church. Such structural and detailed illumination of the building indicates its proximity to this place, repeated visits to it, memorization of all the details of the construction.

Another detail in the foreground of the picture is the road to the church, which bifurcates and encircles the temple on each side. On the road you can see the silhouette of a woman going to prayer. Her image is shown by the artist quite schematically, discreetly and without focusing on him. Also a lot of space on the canvas is occupied by the image of grass and flowers in it, which surround the road and grow along the entire front edge of the church.

As always, Van Gogh made his picture unusually bright and saturated. The sky is shown in bright blue, just the color of cobalt. A saturated and dark sky gives the picture some kind of unnaturalness, causes a feeling of improper lighting. But at the same time makes the landscape complete and unusually colorful.

The church is shown in a combination of blue, yellow, brown, orange, green and blue tones. Just an incredible riot of colors for a quiet modest building of God's monastery. The grass and flowers around the church shine with a palette from light green to swamp color, interspersed with blue and white strokes of the author. The road is full of yellow, brown and orange.

The overall impression of the picture is very mixed. I am pleased with the riot of colors and the saturation of the color scheme, but some unnaturalness of the landscape overshadows the joy.

Mother of God With Baby

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