Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Nurse with a child”

Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Nurse with a child”

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Venetsianov is a recognized portrait painter who loved and painted paintings in the domestic genre. He studied the art of creation not only in the academic direction, where it was only proposed to copy finished works and sketch from already known models, but developed on real subjects. In the later years of his life, the artist founded a school that realized his ideals.

Pictures should be natural and realistic, capture the moment in natural beauty.

It is not for nothing that the plot of the presented image was chosen - a nurse with a child. It is worth noting that the role of such nannies was huge in Russia. Each high-ranking family had to support and have with it a nurse who would feed and leave the child. To get into such a "bread" position was very difficult. Only a healthy, strong and experienced woman could become a nanny for the heir to the nobility and the state. Necessarily Russian and Christian. Be sure the woman should have asked permission from the father, who evaluated her moral purity.

The painting depicts the ideal of a Russian nurse from a noble family. Well-groomed hands and face, suggests that she has not been engaged in hard work for a long time. Experienced hands hold the child correctly, allowing him to move as he wants, but without encountering slight restrictions. The woman herself in the body, which speaks of her good health and the availability of milk. The child is already reaching for the nanny’s chest.

The child already seems old enough to stop drinking milk. But by tradition, he will have to eat for another year, as it enhances immunity and promotes the health of the baby. The nurse is sitting in a traditional Russian dress and with beads, which speaks of the self-sufficiency of the owners. Not a usual detail - beads that seem superfluous at first glance play an unusual role for the nurse - distraction of the baby so that the woman has time to arrange the baby as it should without screaming and swearing.

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