Description of the painting by Julia Clover “Autumn Park”

Description of the painting by Julia Clover “Autumn Park”

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You believe it, but for a long time it seemed like a photograph. I could not believe that this was the work of the talented artist Julius Clover. Actually, all his works shine with his genius, his amazing talent. So on this canvas we are presented with an autumn park.

And this piercing sadness of this time of year, some kind of grayness suddenly makes itself felt. How did he do that? How did you achieve this effect on the public? Before us the swamp is not a swamp, but a clearly swampy rivulet, which by spring will probably become a fast rivulet, but now it is slightly shallow and resembles something swampy and muddy.

The landscape itself, the same is not particularly inspiring: dried trees, dried grass, a lonely abandoned or forgotten boat. But in the distance you can see the white bridge, which is just in a fairly cozy frame of trees that have not yet lost their summer splendor, but have just changed the color of the foliage. And there, in the distance, it was just the same beautifully and impeccably lyrical, but here in front it was somehow vile and sad. But why exactly what is ahead and interesting.

The drawing of details, the smooth surface, the unmistakable composition - all this is the true mastery of the master.

By the way, the works of Clover were not so well known, only now they have prevailed their popularity. The works of this artist are not so many, but they are worth it to admire and write about them, since few people now use the technique that the artist wrote.

Still, autumn ... This is probably the most favorite time of the year for many famous painters, because there are a lot of paintings where autumn comes out as the main character. Let it be sad or even gloomy, but still no, no, yes hope will flash like that of this artist on his canvas. Indeed, in the distance, where is the bridge, the sun is still shining brightly. And this means that everything is not so bad.

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