Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov "Beyond the Water"

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov

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This picture is made in the style of Vasnetsov the Wanderer. The main idea is to show a simple Russian girl in her usual occupation. There are no flashy colors and bright colors in the picture. But there are a lot of natural muted tones. Shades of green and brown prevail.

The closeup picture depicts a girl walking for water. She walks along a path through a birch grove. Thin young trees remained behind her. The girl is a simple peasant woman. She is depicted with bare feet, in a white shirt and blue dress. The shirt has short and wide sleeves covering the elbow. On the girl’s head is a red scarf with a pattern. On the shoulders is another scarf. An apron is tied around the waist, its lower edge is bent behind the belt. The girl’s legs are dirty, dusty. On her shoulders she carries a rocker. The girl holds the bucket with her right hand so that it does not hang from her steps. She laid her left hand on the rocker. Buckets hang wooden, studded with metal hoops.

The girl looks in front of her, turning her head slightly to the right. Her mouth is ajar. She seemed to see something interesting in the distance. Surely the heroine of the picture more than once walked this road through the water. But this time, some kind of noise or something accidentally seen caught her attention. Without slowing down a step and not turning off the path, she moves on.

Only a girl is drawn in detail in the picture. The landscape surrounding it is applied in large strokes without drawing. There are no flowers, no birds. The crowns of birches in the background merge. Only their white trunks are clearly visible.

The artist was able to depict the naturalness of the girl’s posture, capture a moment from her life. She copes with the yoke with her usual gestures. After all, for her, going for water is a common thing. She wears simple casual clothes. Such saw the Russian girl Vasnetsov.

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