Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Hollywood"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali - a famous Spanish artist of the last century, famous for his unusual attitude to art and painting, traveled a lot in his long life. For 8 years he lived away from his beloved Spain, forced to hide from the fascist regime of General Franco in America.

While in the United States, Dali not only does not lose her desire to create something not quite ordinary and extravagant, but she takes up the matter with great enthusiasm, which causes considerable admiration from American society. Soon, the scandalous name of Dali became well known to many celebrities, especially those who lived near Hollywood, where the artist without much success tried to apply his talent in the field of writing panoramas and paintings for films.

In the American period of his life, very good works were created, among which the canvas "Hollywood" of 1947 can be noted. There are a lot of characters on this canvas, but the main ones are the image of a military man in uniform and the figure of a half-naked girl with a hole instead of a face.

The military figure is enclosed in an oval, which in turn is part of an elongated rectangle. At the bottom and top of the picture, some strange figures are depicted, more reminiscent of aliens, however, some of them are very earthly, so in the lower left corner you can see a strange figure on a two-wheeled bicycle.

A feature of "Hollywood" is that if you turn the picture over, you can see the girl’s face instead of the military figure. Most likely, with the help of this focus, the artist tried to comprehend the true essence of Hollywood, changeable and inconstant, one that so long ridiculed and did not understand the great aspirations of a talented artist of the 20th century. A year after writing the picture, Dali returned to his homeland and began to live an ordinary life, therefore, "Hollywood" can be considered the last gift of a genius who hosted his country.

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