Description of the painting Isaac Levitan "Autumn Forest"

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan

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Painting I.I. How nice to watch the autumn in the forest. A multi-colored outfit on trees and bushes is in harmony with nature. Peering into the depths of the forest, black and dazzling white tree trunks are clearly visible. This emptiness and at the same time the luxury of color makes us think of a wonderful feeling - the lightness of the soul.

The artist in his early work shows how close nature is to him. The image of the forest supposedly at noon represents leaves in the autumn sunshine. Unusual silence. Only the rustle of leaves makes you go slowly, without peering under your feet.

Animals have already hidden, and fallen leaves neatly cover the earthen cover.

What is the landscape painter thinking about in this work? About high feelings or recalls a piece of childhood spent in his own small town. There is an awareness of a certain kindness and timidity. The presence of two colors of yellow and red color conveys the whole mood of nature on this beautiful day.

It might rain, but the foliage barely moves. Somehow lonely.

If you listen, then in the autumn forest, thousands of sounds are trying to break out. They are so easy to read that you want to stand for hours and listen to the twitter of birds that have not yet flown away and the roar of tree branches. But winter is coming soon, and the forest seems to be preparing for bed. A wonderful time is here for picking mushrooms, it is worth a closer look at them a lot. Just red-yellow leaves covered them with their canvas.

The painting "Autumn Forest" was painted by the artist in Moscow. Modern landscape sketches were in fashion. An interesting fact is that the landscape was created from memory, and no sketches existed. The forest is so real, the charms of bright red tones remind of future frosts. Creates peace of mind.

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