Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “First Snow”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “First Snow”

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Among the large number of various works by Shishkin, there is one that is not characteristic of his writing style. This is “First Snow”. The painting was painted in 1875. Looking at the work, we see dampness and slush, leading to sadness. From the canvas is despondency and longing for the warm summer days. Melting snow forms a slush, legs as if drowned in mud, and I want to find myself under a warm blanket. Nature is alarmed by the arrival of winter, even the forest looks chilled by this weather.

Shishkin was able to extremely realistic show the mood of nature in the late autumn. The author’s favorite topic is the forest. In the picture “First Snow” a lyrical state is seen that is unusual for the author’s work. Critics and art lovers do not pass by this picture. It causes a feeling of sadness, dampness and loneliness. Shishkin quite accurately depicted the gray sky, heavy melted snow. Naturalness reigns on the canvas, there is nothing superfluous and invented here.

Shishkin believed that practice is of great importance in the creative process and only with its help it is possible to understand what you are portraying and see the whole beauty of the moment. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study nature. The landscapes should not have the imagination of the author.

To date, the painting "First Snow" is protected by the Kiev State Museum of Russian Art. Shishkin created in his paintings not just a forest, but showed his power and strength. For contemporaries, thanks to his love of nature, Shishkin himself has become a symbol of the beauty of the Russian forest and the mighty power of the people. He was called the king of the forest, a forester, compared with a strong old pine. Other painters learn to write from Shishkin’s works, even many children know his work. It remains to be hoped that this work of art is finally appreciated.

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