Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "Rest"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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Ilya Efimovich Repin is one of the Russian writers who tried as much as possible to express realism in his works. The collectors loved the work on a revolutionary theme, it seemed that the painter wanted to show the key life position of the great commanders. But a special masterpiece, which struck with its cleanliness and lightness, was a picture depicting his beloved wife, Vera Repina.

The sweet appearance of the wife of Ilya Repin during sleep, reflected all the calm, and the inner world of her soul. The painter sometimes observed a similar situation, so he decided to capture everything on canvas with pleasure. Homeliness and pacification is a composition. Repin with pleasure emphasizes the contours of the figure and image of his wife Vera. Looking at the painting "Rest" you can see a wonderful combination of silence and delight.

Admiring his amazing model, the artist displays wonderful features of her character. It is very difficult to depict a real dream on canvas, but the painter succeeds. The magical power of colors presents the viewer with a charming sleepy girl who has no worries so far. She rests from the outside world, and the problems existing in it. Vera Repin's pose resembles a thoughtful and mysterious nymph. Simplicity and indifference do not overshadow the picture, but rather make it real.

The quality of work makes you plunge into the world of sleep and peace. Everything that is depicted in the picture seems realistic. Repin's portrait work can only be admired. The unique harmony of the female image clearly expresses the artist’s thoughts. He seems to be striving for ideal forms, but he does not decorate his spouse.

The appearance of a person is always beautiful, especially when his soul is clearly expressed. The universality of the work of the great artist makes art connoisseurs freeze at the sight of his beautiful works.

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