Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Red Square”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Red Square”

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Vasnetsov was especially famous for his grandiose canvases on the theme of history and architecture. In them, with special penetration, the way Moscow looked in the distant 17th century is recreated. It was this century that was most significant for the artist, since he believed that the architecture of this time was a true example of style for all subsequent eras. Vasnetsov incredibly fell in love with the capital, so he walked it all on foot, watching the excavations and even participating in them personally. He prepared reports and scientific publications on the history of Moscow.

In his painting, Vasnetsov must have animated all the collected scientific data. He constantly fantasized, conveying not individual fragments of the life of antiquity, but the whole picture. That is why all the images created by him are incredibly reliable and at the same time filled with romance of a national character. The painting "Red Square" is a whole panorama of Moscow's life of the 17th century. It would be desirable to consider it especially carefully, since its content is truly grandiose.

What is not in this picture. It is all incredibly dramatic and most dynamic, although the image on it, it would seem, is frozen. The viewer awakens fantasy. He begins to invent what is happening here and all the characters miraculously come to life.

Not every day the opportunity is given to dive deep into time. The viewer can visualize the life of ancient Moscow only by examining this grandiose canvas.

In the picture, there are several plans. It is important that people lived together at that time, and not separately, as is most often the case today. Here are the children playing, and next to someone selling something, here they are judging, and there Muscovites are walking. It is clear that since then life has become completely different, but this picture is all the more interesting.

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