Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan "Dandelions"

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan

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Isaac Levitan is a rather famous artist, who became famous due to the fact that his paintings combined the simplicity of style and the unusual transmission of the image. "Dandelions" - this is probably one of the most popular among all the paintings of the artist. It was written in 1889. Levitan is a true master of still lifes. The painting was painted by him at a time when he lived in a small town located on the Volga. This city was his homeland, so the picture was painted with special tenderness and love.

A blank gray background contrasts brilliantly with vibrant dandelions. It seems that the author performed it specifically in order to get such a wonderful contrast. Compared to the background, dandelions seem very gentle, airy and clear. And due to the fact that dandelions have not only yellow, but also white caps, the picture takes on even greater freshness.

The author of the picture paid attention to each of its details. Just looking at these wonderful dandelions, summer is immediately remembered with its warm and clear days. Involuntarily I recall the alluring smell of meadows and wildflowers. These flowers, dear and close to every heart, will cause different emotions in the soul of each person.

The fragility and tenderness of dandelions is more emphasized by another method used by the author - he placed them in a clay pot. At first glance, it seems that it looks quite simple, but in fact the jug reminds of the native land, people and its traditions. Thin stems of field plants look very graceful.

Dandelions with yellow hats look incredibly against the background of white dandelions, which are already ready to fly away. They remind of the transience of life, which also quickly flickers, disappears.

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