Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Twilight. Moon"

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Twilight. Moon

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Picture “Twilight. The Moon ”is a picture of that period in the work of Isaac Levitan, when his canvases completely and completely depended on the mood and emotions that reign in the soul of the author. In the "Landscape of mood" throughout the last years of the artist's life, melancholy and gloomy tones prevailed, which were a reflection of all the sorrows and disappointments of a lonely soul.

Autumn evening. Most of the landscape is occupied by a pale blue sky with gray clouds, which seems even somewhat brighter in reflection of the calm, motionless surface of the river. The moon, mistress of the night, has already appeared in the bright sky, not waiting for her night companions of the stars. Even it is reflected in the river, it is vague and unsteady, as if it doubts: "is it too early?" And the middle of the picture is horizontally filled with the main attributes of the autumn landscape - yellowed and darkened trees.

The dim sun, not yet hidden behind the horizon, illuminates these golden, red and dark green crowns, giving the picture a share of bright joy. Everything in the picture is motionless, only slight ripples are visible on the river, in which the forest is reflected differently compared to the moon. It merges into one dense palette of yellow and orange flowers and calmly awaits nightfall. Only two completely yellowed trees stand alone, separated from the dense grove: one is almost on the shore, and the other is closer to the forest in the distance.

What mood is the picture causing? It is difficult to solve without considering it in detail. It cannot be said that autumn melancholy completely fills this canvas, but there is something in it that causes a slight burden on the soul. And it is not a gloomy sky, or a dying sun, or trees that are losing their leaves, but in some special mood, which is conveyed from the drawing. Thus, without resorting to exaggerating the sadness of the autumn landscape, Levitan ensured that the mood that arose at least once in this time of year was completely reproduced by this picture.

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