Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “The Last Supper”

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “The Last Supper”

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The great master of surrealism, Salvador Dali, wrote The Last Supper in 1955. The painting found its place in the Washington National Gallery. The canvas is written with sophisticated technique, photographic materials were used to create it. He creates a traditional plot, presenting it from a futuristic point of view.

The artist depicted a meeting at a single table of Christ and his followers. Here we see a bright contrast with the famous work of Leonardo da Vinci. Dali’s environment and heroes are completely different. Everything on the canvas is minimalist and authentic.

The focus is on the table, covered with white oilcloth, this can be judged by the characteristic traces of the folds, which the author has prescribed in detail. All the characters in the picture are dressed in snow-white tunics, they sit, humbly lowering their heads, listening to the speech of the almighty.

The whole situation is more reminiscent of the meeting of the chief with his subordinates than the dinner of Jesus with the disciple. It’s difficult even to call a meal, since there are only two pieces of bread and a glass of wine on the table.

It seems as if the chairperson simply introduces his staff to some innovations or expresses his ideas to them. There is a version that in this way the artist wanted to draw an analogy with the Lord in the centuries of the first “Last Supper” and understanding of the Lord today.

The picture definitely carries a moral message. She is full of light and lightness. Through transparent windows, a landscape of unearthly beauty opens up to us: a clear blue sky is drawn by peach clouds located above the silvery mountains of the mountains.

It can be seen that the room where the picture takes place is located high, most likely this is the top floor of some modern rank. Thus, we are shown the greatness and height of morality of moral teaching.

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