Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy “Moonlit Night”

Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy “Moonlit Night”

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The famous artist of the late 19th century I. Kramskiy painted many beautiful paintings that have already become masterpieces of romanticism, and among them there are many paintings depicting the nighttime, in all its colors and colors. But the best picture of all that he had created before, according to the general opinion of critics and connoisseurs of Kramskoy’s work, was the painting “Moonlit Night”, written in 1880.

The artist tried to convey to the canvas all the beauty of a summer night, when everything is immersed in a mysterious darkness through which only a thin ray of the moon can break through. The closeup picture depicts a woman in a white dress, who, in thought, leaned toward the bench on which she was sitting. At her feet is a pond, reflecting the glare of the moon, and behind her poplars rise, their peaks extending far beyond the frame of the picture, as if inviting the viewer to follow them, in anticipation of its continuation.

A woman silently looks at the expanse of water, she is sad, and strive for solitude, because even the breeze does not dare to disturb the park lit by the moon. The artist was able to very faithfully and accurately convey all the naturalness of the surrounding nature, with the help of the glare of the moon, illuminating the sandy path and the cane dormant in the water.

Despite the fact that the picture depicts a summer night and the moon barely breaks through the trees, the background of the picture is also ideal for the viewer quite well, since he depicts an alley, and all the same poplars, where the moon glare is trying to break through the glades at their apex. The calm and serenity of the night, the thoughtfulness of a woman by the pond, and the perseverance of the moon sorceress, striving to illuminate every dark corner, the artist conveyed all this with great skill and skill, for which he was rewarded with grateful descendants who highly appreciated his work. They praised him in his memoirs as a great Russian artist, putting him on a par with Levitan and Bryulov.

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